Cortech GX Sport 3 Textile Armored Motorcycle Jacket Review

Cortech GX Sport 3 Men's Textile Armored Motorcycle JacketThe GX Sport 3 armored textile motorcycle jacket by Cortech is a jacket that offers the ultimate protection out on the road, not to mention the perfect balance between price, style, and functionality. For the rider in search of a good looking jacket that can provide comfort, protection, and high durability, while offered at a great value, this Cortech jacket is just what you’ve been looking for. We love that this affordable textile has taken the industry by storm, giving Cortech more incentive to continue with their line of affordably priced, yet innovative motorcycle jackets designed for riders on a budget. Textile motorcycle jackets are a must for any serious rider. They’re much more versatile than the standard leather jacket and they can be worn in cold and warm weather. But aside from a reputation for breathability, this jacket is also very tough and durable due to the armor inserts that are designed to keep the rider safe in the event of a crash. The armor is CE rated and can be found in the elbows and shoulders. But for many riders, it can be hard to find a textile jacket that’s both highly functional and good looking. Too often these jackets feature overly flashy designs in bright colors, which is definitely not the best choice for the low-key rider. Fortunately, Cortech has outdone themselves with the GX Sport 3, offering a wider range of colors and sizes than you’ll find from any other textile riding jacket manufacturer.

Cortech Armored Motorcycle Jacket Assessment and Features

The adjustable take-up straps located on the forearms and biceps will work to give the armor the proper fit. Cortech is a company that has a reputation for producing quality motorcycle gear, so you know with the Sport 3 that you’re getting a jacket that will last. This model features a mandarin style collar with an incredibly soft microfiber trim and a carbolex shell that incorporates 1680 ballistic polyester materials found in the shoulders and elbows, offering maximum maneuverability. It also comes with a breathable barrier and a waterproof rain guard. In regards to airflow, this jacket’s breathable barrier received plenty of positive feedback from riders. And even with this type of breathability, it’s still highly waterproof, making it a total lifesaver if you get caught riding in a downpour. Regardless of the type of terrain you’ll be navigating on your bike, this jacket is equipped with all the modern safety features needed to keep you protected. The cut of the jacket is designed to protect the wearer without limiting their movement in any way and it’s equipped for inclement weather, working to keep the rider cool in warmer weather and warm in colder weather. The chest vents are zippered and waterproof, as are the rear vents and sleeve vents, allowing for ultimate breathability and comfort as you ride. This type of flow through is essential for any riding jacket and can make a big difference when you’re on a longer ride. Aside from its numerous safety features, the jacket is also designed with comfort in mind. The polyester found in the elbows and shoulders will allow for increased maneuverability and mobility for the wearer. This jacket is also available in nine colors including black, blue, black and blue, hi-viz and black, red and black, yellow, gunmetal black, red, and yellow and black. It also comes in seven size options so you can ensure you get the best fit. This jacket does an excellent job of keeping you dry in rainy weather, but some riders simply felt that it didn’t breathe very well with the vents closed, so if it’s raining you’ll still get wet if you’re sweating hard. When it comes to riding in colder weather, the jacket will keep you incredibly warm, even in temperatures below forty degrees. The liner is described as very soft and non-irritating and can be removed when the weather gets too hot. On the arms, the many vents will work to circulate the air like a pro, which makes it perfect for riding in temperatures higher than eighty-five degrees. The zippers and stitching are high quality. The jacket also comes equipped with a ton of pockets, allowing you to safely store your smartphone, sunglasses, wallet and other important items. The included hard armor is a must for road protection and it fits exactly the way it’s supposed to, with a very tough and solid feel. The jacket’s reflective piping is perfect for riding at night or in low light situations. The adjustable snaps found on the waist and at the elbows will help the wearer to get the best fit and keep rain and wind out.

Textile Riding Jacket Pros and Cons

Pros: For the price, you really can’t go wrong with this jacket. It offers great protection from possible crashes, rainfall and wind. It also features a great cut, solid construction and a number of color options. Cons: Some riders felt that this jacket was simply too heavy to wear as a year round jacket, even when the liner was removed. If you’re looking a leather motorcycle jacket that offers more of a traditional biker look, riders recommend checking out the Joe Rocket Classic ’92 motorcycle jacket. The ’92 is better for colder weather, and it doesn’t offer the same type of breathability that the GX Sport 3 will.

GX Sport 3 Motorcycle Jacket Conclusion and Rating

What else can we say about this popular textile jacket from Cortech? If you’ve been searching for the right armored textile jacket, this model will definitely not disappoint. Highly durable, great looking, thick, perfect for riding in warm or cold weather, this jacket really does have it all. Consumers who purchased the Cortech GX Sport 3 Textile Armored Motorcycle Jacket gave it a high rating of five out of five stars which make it our top rated product and definitely one of the best motorcycle jackets on the market.