Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

Joe Rocket Classic '92 Men's Leather Motorcycle JacketNot every rider can afford a pricey leather motorcycle jacket, but fortunately for those riders, Joe Rocket exists. Their Classic ’92 riding jacket features contemporary materials, offering a jacket that has a vintage feel with racing stripes, quilted shoulders, and a narrow cut. For under three hundred you’ll get a leather motorcycle jacket that has a nostalgic style and one that provides some protection against the pavement and inclement weather.

Joe Rocket is definitely one of the best known motorcycle gear manufacturers around and they have carved a name for themselves in the riding industry. Even though this company is mainly known for their extensive racing gear, their line of casual cruiser wear is quickly gaining popularity.

With the ’92 Joe Rocket offers a comfortable, durable jacket that’s a step above the cut-rate products on the market these days and at a price that’s considerably less than what other leading brand names in the industry are charging.

Classic ’92 Leather Riding Jacket Overview

The jacket has kind of a sporty look to it that won’t meet every rider’s taste and nor will the color. But ultimately, whether you love or hate this jacket will all boil down to your own personal style.

The strong and supple 1 1.2MM cowhide isn’t quite as thick as racing leather, however, it’s also not cheap. The use of sturdy, solid YKK zippers is also a telltale sign that this jacket is made with quality and durability in mind. The neoprene lined collar provides a little extra comfort and warmth while the inner storm flap works well to keep the elements out.

Hands down, the best feature on this jacket is the removable off-white liner. Unlike most synthetic fabric liners, this extra-thick quilted cotton liner is highly functional. This thick cotton padding is also what makes this jacket incredibly comfortable. The liner really has a sweater-like feel to it, instead of that cheap windbreaker feel you’ll often get with cheap jackets. Even better, on hot, humid days, the liner won’t stick to your arms as you’re riding. Despite the fact that this jacket doesn’t come with any protective armor, it comes equipped with small compartments to place them on the elbows, back and shoulders.

One the forearms and waist you’ll also find snap adjusters, which make the jacket very versatile, providing the wearer with a more custom fit. There are also a couple of adjustable snaps found on the collar that works to accommodate any neck size.

The jacket also features a number of handy pockets including a zippered one located on each breast and two on the inside of the jacket. On the right forearm sleeve you’ll also find a zippered key nook which is pretty cool.

The white racing stripes across the back and on the biceps offers a more classic look that will never go out of style.

Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jacket Pros and Cons

Pros: This is a jacket that offers a true fit, so you’ll look good and stay warm out on the open road. It also offers plenty of protection against the elements, which means you can ride much longer into the season. The leather itself is thick and has a comfortable worn in look. The leather is also soft and flexible and won’t prevent freedom of movement like other stiff leather jackets tend to do until they’ve been broken in. The rich brown leather has a totally natural look to it and features quality stitching.

The interior liner works perfectly to keep riders warm in temperatures as low as the fifties, and in the summer, it can be easily removed in warmer weather, making this a great year round riding jacket.

Many riders reported that this jacket is also able to withstand even heavy rainfall, which was a huge selling point for many riders.

Cons: Many riders described the storage found in this jacket as just okay. However, lack of storage is pretty common with tight fitting motorcycle jackets. The outside horizontal breast pockets are not exactly functional, due to the snugness of the jacket. The small key pocket is the perfect spot for a driver’s license or other small items, but many buyers felt that it was just too small, considering it can’t even accommodate a smartphone. However, the two pockets found inside the jacket are perfect for keeping personal items safe and secure during a ride. While there are a few compartments for armor, this jacket doesn’t come with any, so you’ll have to purchase it separately.

Upon receiving the jacket, some consumers found the racing stripes on the back of the jacket to be an eyesore. The stripes don’t look very authentic and instead have a cheesy feel to them, which was enough to cause some riders to send the jacket back.

Others noted a type of chemical or plastic smell that requires the wearer to air the jacket out for several hours before wearing it.

Keep in mind, this is a slim fit jacket, which means it may not be very flattering or comfortable for heavier riders.

This jacket also doesn’t come equipped with vents, which help with air circulation during warmer weather riding. However, removing the cotton liner does work well to keep the rider cool.

Wearing this jacket in temperatures under fifty degrees isn’t recommended. While you can certainly wear a hoodie underneath the jacket for added warmth, due to the jacket’s slim cut, it makes for a tight fit that isn’t too comfortable.

If you’re looking for a riding jacket with a little more flash and breathability, check out the Warlock by Viking Cycle for use in warmer weather.

Riding Jacket by Joe Rocket Conclusion and Rating

This is not a logo-ridden, flashy racing jacket. Instead, the Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket is simply a retro leather jacket that’s highly functional and pretty low-key. Riders who purchased this jacket gave it a rating of four out of five stars for pricing, comfort and quality.