Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Mesh JacketThe Warlock mesh motorcycle jacket by Viking Cycle is designed to keep the rider cool in warmer weather. Most of the outer shell is made of mesh, covering essential areas such as the arms, torso, and back. The manufacturer has also included chest pads for much-needed protection out on the open road. The jacket also features the SureFit adjustment system which ensures a custom fit that won’t inhibit movement.

In recent years, mesh motorcycle jackets have become very popular and for a good reason. This style of jacket is a very welcome solution to riding in hot weather because they can provide protection against sunburn, wind and road rash. This jacket’s innovative mesh design will keep you cool on the road, thanks to the extensive venting system and the custom fit the jacket offers will keep out the wind as you ride at higher speeds.

The Warlock Mesh Riding Jacket Assessment and Features

This jacket is available in three colors: black, red, and yellow and comes in six different sizes. The fit is described as regular or relaxed, making it perfect for users of all sizes.

The patented SureFit adjustment system works to ensure that the rider will enjoy a custom fit, enabling them to adjust the jacket in a number of key areas.

Jacket storage is always important, especially if you enjoy longer rides. This jacket features a couple of large front pockets in addition to a number of interior pockets that will allow you to safely store personal items such as a wallet, sunglasses, and keys.  There is also a hidden pocket you can use to stash your valuables.

This jacket features a headphones system that allows the user to run their headphones from an MP3 player or smartphone up through the collar and to the ears, so there’s no worry of loose or dangling wires.

The exterior of the jacket is equipped with reflective piping in the back and front, for added safety during a nighttime ride, making the rider highly visible in low light conditions.

The adjustments on the wrists, elbows, and waist will allow you to get the best fit possible, which is a must in order to keep wind and rain out.  On the waist and wrists, you’ll find Velcro, while the elbow straps feature two position press studs. Press studs placed at all of the adjustment points would be a better option, especially considering that the Velcro tends to wear out after several months of use.

This jacket is marketed as a summer riding jacket, however, it does come with a lightweight zip out quilted liner that’s fastened at the sleeves using a couple of press studs.

The internal pocket and two external pockets are sewn into the outer shell and can be closed off with a zipper. Each pocket also features waterproof lining so you know your possessions will remain safe and dry in inclement weather.

The removable liner also features a number of pockets that you can use to store your possessions. Only one of these pockets has a zipper, while the remaining pockets are secured with Velcro. The downside to having these extra liner pockets is that when the liner is removed you lose most of your storage space.

The included armor is CE rated and can be found in the chest, shoulders, and elbows. You’ll also find armor in the back of the jacket that’s held securely in a pocket so you can remove the armor if you choose. The armor in the elbows, chest, and shoulders is permanent. At the lower back portion of the jacket, you’ll find a zipper, which can be used to secure the jacket to your pants.

Viking Cycle Riding Jacket Pros and Cons

Pros: The outer shell looks very well made. The zippers are good quality and the jacket’s main zipper features a waterproof backing flap that can work to stop rain in its tracks. The innovative design and materials used make this the perfect jacket to wear during warmer weather. The mesh construction works well to promote lots of airflow. Many riders chose the yellow mesh jacket, simply because it made them more visible in low light conditions, but if yellow isn’t your color of choice the manufacturer also offers this jacket in red or black.

Cons: This jacket is made of ninety-eight percent polyester, which means it probably won’t be able to withstand a serious crash considering polyester isn’t abrasion-resistant. Another thing some consumers commented on was the stitching, which isn’t quite as good as what you’d find on higher priced textile riding jackets. The poor stitch job is more noticeable on the removable liner which should have safety stitching. The stitching it does have looks like it could easily fray over time. Going at higher speeds many riders complained that the jacket puffed up at the shoulders which ended up creating quite a bit of buffeting.

If this mesh riding jacket just isn’t your style and you’re searching for a jacket that will keep you warmer during the colder months, many riders have recommended the Cortech GX Sport 3 textile armored motorcycle jacket which is the perfect choice for the rider who loves being on their bike year round.

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who purchased Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Motorcycle Jacket gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars. In the future, we’d love for the manufacturer to produce a mesh riding jacket that’s Velcro-free. Instead, Viking Cycle should use two snap system throughout the entire jacket and not just at the elbows, which is a big issue that cost this model some serious points. Overall, this jacket performs well in the spring and summer months and can be just the jacket you’re looking for if you’re in search of a model that offers some protection on the road and one that can also keep you cool and dry.